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What Is Betsoft's Most High Paying Bitcoin Slot?

What Is Betsoft's Most High Paying Bitcoin Slot?

If you want the short answer we'll give it to you directly - Good Girl Bad Girl (well the thumbnail must have given it away anyway).

Great, now that we got that little fact out in the open we can proceed with learning a little bit more about this slot. We do recommend you read this article but if you want to try the game for free straight away you can do so directly here (requires flash).

If you want to give it a go for real funds we would strongly recommend mBit casino.

Quickly About Betsoft

Who are Betsoft?

They are one of the true giants in online casino games since. The company was setup waaaaay back in 1999 and has nowadays become world-renowned for producing some of the best 3D animated cinematic slots on the blockchain.

Betsoft is also not too shy about releasing new slots, extending their already very decent collection of cinematic and we must admit, adrenaline pumping themes. However, none of those new releases has come close to matching return to players which was achieved by Good Girl Bad Girl.

This two way, 30 pay-line slot was released in 2017 and remains to this day at the top of the proverbial list when it comes to Betsoft's most player profitable Bitcoin slots.

Good Girl Bad Girl - Is It Any Good?

Well yes, quite so in fact.

The game runs on their Slots3™ engine, which is Betsoft’s ever-evolving platform developed to give games a really cool action packed feel irrelevant of the theme. Think of it as the Unreal Engine IV of video slots.

From the Betsoft website:

Slots3™ is defined by richly vivid, true 3D cinematic graphics and animations. With a wide range of themes designed to appeal to the broadest section of players, this unparalleled suite of iGaming entertainment is guaranteed to drive high levels of traffic to your casino site.

But is it all just hype?

The success of the Slots3™ concept speaks for itself when we consider that it really helped Betsoft to the propel itself forefront of online video slots creation and gaming, arguably becoming the USA’s most popular slots developer.

Ever since Good Girl Bad Girl joined the expanding portfolio of innovative Betsoft's Slots3™ collection, the duel-theme has been making headlines on so many Bitcoin casinos.

What Makes It A Great Game?

We think this game became such a popular online slot because it was cunningly intertwined from its inception with some of the most attractive features a video slot should have.

Try to forget, for a while at least, the usual wilds symbols, multipliers, and bonus rounds and start thinking technology, regular pay-outs, interactive features and the ability to reach a diverse audience of slot players.

In fact, just breaking this down posed a problem because was hard to know where to begin. The whole concept of this slot is perfect and should be put a kind of gold-standard as to how all other online slots should be made!

The RTP ain't so shabby either

Good Girl Bad Girl is factory set to a return to player of 97.8%.

Good girl bad girl betsoft

As it stands today, no other Betsoft slot matches this RTP; one that is essentially giving the house an edge of just 2.2%. In fact, if you look at the online slots industry as a whole, the set-standard return to player for non-progressive slots is around 96 to 97% mark with many progressive slots trailing a ways behind that value.

There exist a few other slots which do rival the 97.8% RTP; we're talking about titles such as Starmania (97.87% RTP) and Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge (98% RTP). This is all great and all but neither has the Slot3™ engine running them or a theme that can rival Good Girl Bad Girl's visuals.

Plus, these slots are not even jackpot slots! Yes - Good Girl Bad Girl is a progressive, at 97.8% RTP!

In case you did not know this already, any top progressive jackpot slots (e.g. Microgaming's Mega Moolah) comes and underwhelming 95% RTP. How about Mega Fortune (NetEnt)? It's 96.6% RTP on that one, close but still no cigar NetEnt…

Check out an on-site YouTube video of this game in action.

How Good Girl Bad Girl Feels

Let's establish from this point on wards that in our humble opinion (not so humble) - joking aside, we feel that none of the rival slots come close to the technology on Good Girl Bad Girl.

The shiny Slots3™ engine delivers really smooth HD quality gaming with crisp reel movements and smooth animations that mimic video game quality animations. The same can be said for all the Betsoft slots that run the Slots3™ engine.

Let's face it, we're not in the year 2000 any more, nowadays the demand for high quality graphics in video slots in kind of a requirement and is expected by many casino players.

We have PC and PlayStation games with jaw dropping visuals, why not expect a similar experience from our video slots? Good Girl Bad Girl delivers this and the game will run on most PC's and Mac's too, you don't need a high end video card or anything like that, we run it perfectly fine on a Chromebook.

Studies have shown that high quality interactive slots are in demand more than ever before.

Betsoft's Formula - Visuals & Good Old play-ability features

Good Girl Bad Girl has a pretty awesome interactive feel which hits all the right buttons for those older players who grew up playing the industry classics yet the game managed to package the experience in a technology suit which the younger generation will find exciting and impressive.

The game mixes up low, medium, and high volatility options - all on a single game by allowing players to control the game choosing whether to be ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ or ‘Both’.

Good, Bad, What?

OK, so you get to choose your game-mode whilst playing the slot.

When choosing ‘Good’, the combinations link up from left to right just like in any other slot and gives low volatility game play (smaller, but consistent profits).

On the contrary, playing in ‘Bad’ mode links combinations from right to left giving something new to the bitcoin slots scene and higher volatility (fewer wins, but bigger wins).

‘Both’ gives you the best of both worlds and multiplies coin bets by two times with low and high-velocity game play mixed into one.

The gist is that the game appeals to those that prefer to play low stakes with low or high volatility, likewise, it appeals to those that prefer to play high stakes with low or high volatility.

Incidentally, if you want to learn a more about volatility and how it effects game play - check out this article.

Does The Game Only Support Bitcoin?

Thankfully no, we can play this game with standard FIAT money too - FIAT standing for 'normal' money such as EUR or GBP. Having said this, Bitcoin is making huge ripples in the online casino industry right now so you might want to read up a little on that too as it's worth getting into.

Other features available on the slot

Good Girl Bad Girl stands high above the competition by also offering players plenty of winning combinations.

The highlight of the slot is the bonus ‘Money Wheel’ feature triggered by scatter symbols and which offers a chance at that progressive jackpot along with a chance to win free spins and/or free credits.

In addition, there are the usual wild symbols, and other mini-features which can appear when the ‘Pitchfork’ and ‘Halo’ symbols land on your reels. 

The game also includes a Gamble Feature.

Final Verdict?

I guess by now your intuition is already giving you a strong indication of where this is going to go - but we'll formalise it anyway.

The game is phenomenal on so many levels; RTP, Features, Visuals, Game-play. We love it and you will too.

Betsoft might have created a small predicament by releasing Good Girl Bad Girl as the company has designed a progressive slot that is hard to beat in terms of quality, payouts and excitement - however match it they will have to at some future time in order to keep pushing the video slots envelope.

With so many features already attached to this slot not to mention the actual game features such as free spins, a gamble features, wilds, and the money wheel, Good Girl Bad Girl is certainly going to be a strong contender for one of the best slots this decade.

Ready to give it a go, you should try it out at mBit casino.

As always, Best of luck!

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